Advanced Microcurrent Stimulator

AXION micro5

About microcurrrent stimulation


All FDA cleared microcurrent devices are listed as transcutaneous nerve stimulators for pain relief. The pain can be acute or chronic in nature.

Where microcurrent stimulation differs from other electrical stimulation devices is in the small amount of current that is necessary to deliver safe and effective treatment.

Where other devices shout at the pain, the micro5 whispers. Studies have suggested that too much power can inhibit healing in an injured area and lower power can enhance healing. Microcurrent stimulation will help the patient experience pain relief and need the help of the device for a shorter amount of time.



About the AXION micro5

Advanced microcurrent stimulation for the life of your practice

VenturaDesigns has been producing clinical microcurrent devices longer than anybody in the United States. The micro5 has been in production since 1989 and is proudly manufactured in the great State of Kansas.

The micro5 is rugged and dependable, with speed and accuracy as it's hallmark design points.

Click on the link below to view a pdf file of all the unique features that make the micro5 the best value in a clinical microcurrent stimulator.


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