Advanced Microcurrent Stimulator

AXION micro5

Are you using one of the techniques shown in this video? If so, you can be faster and more efficient using our GTO micro technique.

For facial rejuvenation we offer two complimentary techniques. First we show you the origin and insertions of the facial muscles of expression and the exact method, using the micro5 probes, to either tone or relax the target muscles.

Next we explain the unattended use of our exclusive facial ion masks.

These two techniques are fast and easy, respecting both the anatomy of the face and the physiology of the body. Nothing is faster or better.

 “I am a true believer in the toning and cellular benefits that Microcurrent offers.  It is simple to use, results are outstanding and by using the GTO micro technique, I have cut my treatment time in half, or more! I have enjoyed working with Joe. I believe his training, approach and literature to be very conclusive and beneficial.  Whether you are new or a veteran to Microcurrent - I endorse this product and encourage you to try it!”  

Jane Mann LE 4-11-2013