Advanced Microcurrent Stimulator

AXION micro5

The following are the setting parameters of the micro5:
1-750 uA in 1 uA increments
.01-999 Hz in 1 Hz increments (.1 steps when below 1 Hz)*
Waveslope : Standard or Gentle (soft leading edge for Gentle)
Polarity: Always positive, always negative or alternating every 2.5 seconds
​Time: Seconds/minutes/continuous

*more ULF frequencies available in version 2.5 software, Spring 2015

In designing the operator interface I wanted the micro5 to be “intuitive” which is another word for stupid proof. Other computer controlled devices get bogged down by using menu systems that require the operator to drill down through other menus to get to the final level to select or change a setting. Not the micro5
Every setting you can make is at the first level and is visible at all times. Simply select the parameter to change and make the change using the numerical keypad. This can even be done in real time as a treatment is being administered. Each channel has it’s own independent timer for treating multiple areas or patients at the same time. You can also use the probe electrodes, which operate off channel 1, and channel 2 at the same time.
Let’s start with the case. Rather than use ABS molded plastic, we use 1/16” aluminum, precision bended to form an attractive and functional case. Still lightweight at 8 lbs, the case provides a solid base that won’t easily move on the cart during use.The case is powder-coated rather than painted. This provides a rugged exterior resistant to scratches and cleans with light soap and water.The case comes with a built in handle for easy transport.

The case features a hidden storage compartment for the accessories.