Dr. Ventura is one of the most experienced microcurrent experts around. He started using a microcurrent device in his sports injury practice in 1980.Next he designed some of the most advanced microcurrent devices ever, and worked with the FDA to establish the category of micro-TENS. His Axion micro5 unit was the first to gain FDA approval for it's probe searching system in 1989 and was the first 100% digital microcurrent device. His first protocol manual was published in 1991 and his first video series in 1994. "I have a passion for microcurrent that hasn't waned in over 30 years. It just works, naturally." says Ventura. "And, I can pass that knowledge and passion on to you through this training system", he added.

As the manual's title suggests, the contents are all about the history of microcurrent research, protocols and techniques. "Some have tried to tie microcurrent results with complicated formulas of settings. That's not the way it was or the way it needs to be." said Ventura. "I will show you a simple method used by the pioneers of microcurrent: Becker, Wing, Cheng, and myself, to treat every musculo-skeletal condition that patients present to your office. In addition to standard everyday protocols, I will teach you methods of smoking cessation, weight loss, facial rejuvenation, stress management and allergy relief that can add fantastic cash revenue streams to your business. Everything you need is in the manual".

Here's What is in the Manual
This fully illustrated manual covers ALL aspects of microcurrent therapy, including:

History of Microcurrent
Method of Operation
Electrical Parameters
How To: Electro Acupuncture
How To: Muscle Relaxation
How To: Healing Enhancement
How To: Stop Smoking/Weight Loss
How To: Neuropathy Relief
How To: Seasonal Allergy Relief
How To: Facial Rejuvenation
How To: Vagus Nerve Stimulation
How To: ADD/ADHD Protocols
How To: Post Concussion Protocols
How To: TMD Protocols
How To: Cellulite Reduction
How To: Fibromyalgia Protocol
How To: Stress Management
How To: Trigger Point Protocols
How To: 76 Conditions Protocols
How To: Alzheimer Protocol
How To: Bell’s Palsy Protocol
How To: Ear Point Stimulation
How To: Energized Tools Technique
How To: Knee Protocols
Nutrition of Microcurrent
Lost Papers of Thomas Wing
And so much more!

Advanced Microcurrent Stimulator

AXION micro5

The First Super Manual On Microcurrent Therapy Spans 37 Years of Research and Protocols by Dr. Joseph Ventura DC.