AXION micro5

Advanced Microcurrent Stimulator

Clinical microcurrent stimulation has been available since the 80’s as an FDA cleared Class II device. The AXION micro5 was cleared in 1991 (K911814) in the following category.

  Device:  Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, For Pain Relief
  Regulation Description: Transcutaneous 
electrical nerve stimulator for pain relief.
  Regulation Medical Specialty: Neurology
Prior to, and subsequent to the device’s classification, much research has been done to investigate expanded uses for clinical microcurrent. The following research citations are designed as an exchange of information among healthcare professionals and to highlight areas where VenturaDesigns anticipates conducting research in an attempt to gain expanded clearances for its device.

Some of the current uses include pain control from:

Diabetic Neuropathy 
Pain from Sports Injuries
Pain from Fibromyalgia
​Neck Pain and Low Back Pain