Advanced Microcurrent Stimulator

AXION micro5

NO laser has a feedback system to verify the light output is actually penetrating the area.

But microcurrent does. The AXION micro5 takes 100 current samples per second to constantly monitor the treatment and sends an alert if there is a problem.

Are You Using LASER on Your Animals?

LASER does NOT penetrate the dense coat of most animals, including horses, dogs and cats.

Microcurrent delivered by wet Q-Tip probes DOES penetrate dense coats thereby getting the treating current to the target area.

Watch our short video regarding laser penetration and obstructions to the target and read the published study regarding this topic.

Microcurrent has been used on animals from the very beginning, almost 40 years ago. Remember that every study on human use began with clinical studies on animals.

Used on horses to help with pain and to reduce inflammation, the benefits of microcurrent stimulation extend to all animals, large and small.